Thursday, October 4, 2012

Fall Genre Update

Hey folks,

This is a few days late but the update has gone through and with it we see many changes.

1. First we have the usual update with the normal additions, moves and removals. Nothing crazy here, but that's coming up.

2. We have decided to remove the family and console classics genres and turn them into collections. All the games from these 2 genres have been reshuffled and moved into other genres, So all those points you earned still count toward other genres.

3. We know losing genres always bums people out, so to make up for this, we have also pushed through a genre split. WRPG and JRPG have been reorganized from 2 genres into FIVE. Yes you read correctly. So them math works like this, lose 2 genres, gain 3. This means profit for all. The categories are as follows:

Traditional RPG (T-RPG): this is your classic turned based RPG ala Final Fantasy and Star Ocean style.

Action RPG (A-RPG): your classic western RPG ala Elder Scrolls style.

Shooter RPG (SH-RPG): a new sub genre to come out this generation. Think of them as FPS's with huge RPG elements like Mass Effect and Borderlands

Strategy RPG (ST-RPG): another sub genre where you have a strategy/grid style game like a Starcraft or C&C but combined with turn based gameplay and massive RPG elements. If you've played a Disgaea or Record of Agrest War style game, then you know what I mean. This genre is for you.

Dungeon Crawler: another hark back to classic times. Dungeon crawler will find all of your dungeon searching, treasure hunting monster fests.

Now I won't get into what when where in this main post, its simply too massive. We are talking about over 200 moves here. But you'll find everything you need to know in the following threads:

There you go folks, that's all I got.

Monday, October 1, 2012

September 2012 Top 21 List

Another month, anybody tired of Borderlands yet? Two months of big titles coming up. I've got a few good site updates in the works, let's see what I can get done. And it's October, Futiles is ahead of me, so that must mean he has STEI ready?!

1. Stallion83 *
2. the dren *
3. smrnov *
4. Streak Leader *
5. QuiCkz Ninja *
6. pTartTX *
7. futiles *******
8. Fshguy *
9. Buckswana *
10. Layth *
11. Geems *
12. SparkyMP *
13. Frostbite *
14. natsukashii *
15. danpsfx *
16. CKinAL *
17. lady death 13 *
18. Elem3ntal80 *
19. Hotdogmcgee *
20. dacoto *
21. toddycst *