Tuesday, February 28, 2012

March Genre Badge of the Month -- Racing

Hello Everyone!! The month of March is going to bring a new feature to 360voice to the forefront, a featured monthly GENRE!!

The idea is for one month to focus on getting a certain badge and to welcome in the season of motor sports , the Racing Badge is the focus for the month of March. You can see which games are included in this genre on 360voice right here

Fshguy has even set up a Racing Genre Challenge for the entire month that will only count the racing games. So click on the link and join up. This is a custom challenge so you can still be in your current challenge as well as this one.

Also as an added bonus the winner will receive a free game from the Racing Genre as an added bonus. Hopefully this month will see a bunch of you earning the race badge or at the least get closer to achieving that goal. Did I mention you can win a FREE game?

Coming up in a couple of weeks we will also have a Game Night with the focus being one of the racing genre games as a way to bring everyone together for a common goal.

Feel free to discuss what game you would like for the community night here as well as anything else related to the challenge.

Also just so every one knows what games that are in the racing badge, they are listed here