Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Streaks are really Live now!

Streaks are turned back on. Remember, do not rely on XBOX One play to maintain your play streak.

I've done my best to set the streaks appropriately. If you've been diligent and maintained your streak during the time that I said streaks would be on a couple weeks ago, you should be good.

It will take the blog processing on Thursday to straighten out your max streaks.

Of course, if you feel there's a problem, please email and we'll fix any stray issues.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Blogs are delayed today

Was working on the streaks and the database, everything is backed up today. Not sure of ETA, I will monitor through the day.

Friday, January 17, 2014

XBOX ONE data is now here in your blogs

After a long trek, the XBOX One data is in your blogs and should be in your game data, etc. now. Depending on when you read this, you may have seen blogs times 3, tracking this down and a a few other hitches along the way.

For today, it will show all of your activity since 11/22. After today, it should show your daily increases as usual. Also, it should be showing your App playing. Also, if you have Xbox ONE and it didn't pick you up, please let me know. I identified who had ONES a week or two ago, I still need to write a process to pick up up new people.

Of course with any new update, there's always a chance for bugs. Please post in the forums or my blog or and I will try to get to everything. That means a few more days before I start bringing in some more data.

As for Streaks, those might be another day or so, but please keep playing, they will be on shortly...


Monday, January 13, 2014

Streaks are coming back on Jan 17th!!!!! Please read or you may lose yours...

I will be turning streaks back on January 17th. There are some new rules to consider:

Play Streaks: Do not rely on play on Xbox One to maintain your streak.

Score Streaks: As long as you score, you will be okay, it doesn't matter.

For Play Streaks I will adjust the streak to match what it would be as if you had played during the whole time. If you didn't have a streak during this time, I will give you a play streak equal to starting from 11/22. I expect a lot of people to lose streaks on January 18th...

For Score Streaks, it should still be counting. If you didn't have a streak during this time, I will give you a a Score streak equal to starting from 11/22.

I will try to set it up to your max streak(if affected) does not lock in until the next day.

As for the rule about Xbox One. I've been working against the Xbox One data activity feed and it does not reliably pull for everybody. I will continue to look at this, but the services from Microsoft are very inconsistent for this particular information.

XBOX One game data otherwise is going well, I am getting closer to making this live. This means your XBOX One game play data will be in your blogs soon.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Challenge Update X1 Challenge and 2014 challenges

X1 challenge is going well, top score is up to almost 15k scored by Supernova x360a so far, 15 days to go. smrnov isn't that far behind at 11.5k and a a good pack of people sitting around 9k.

The Xbox One individual Stats and Minutes Play have been there since the beginning of December. I want to thank swaggers for helping me out with some CSS/HTML to make these leader boards look pretty awesome.

Also, there are a couple more prizes for the challenge. The sponsors approached me some time ago, so I apologize for the delay. They gave me free reign to pick the criteria for the prize, so blame me. 
For 42nd place, there will be a $20 code sponsored by Joshnorm. And a 3 month Live code for 96th place sponsored by Hotdogmcgee. Thank these guys for stepping up. 

2014 Challenges

I've created the 2014 year long challenges. I've repeated the challenges from last year and added one new challenge for the Xbox One. If you were in last year challenges, I've rebuilt the groups and put you in the 2014 challenges. Check out more information in the forums. These challenges will be open until February if you want to join.

Also, looking for sponsors if you're interested in leading the challenge or let me know if you have a new idea. Thanks to Mephisto4thewin for offering a full Retail game to the winner of the Iron man Challenge.

Here are the challenges:
Ironman 2014 - total GS for the year(X1 games will calculate for this no problem)
Sponsor: Mephisto4thewin
Prizes: Retail Game to winner

XBOX One 2014 - GS scored in X1 games released in 2014. (Tracking isn't here yet, must less games for this one, but it will catch up when things start running. 
Sponsor: ?
Prizes: ?

XBLA 2014 - Probably a dying challenge, but how much can you score on games released for 360 arcade
Sponsor: ?
Prizes: ?

Win 8 2014 - Win 8 games released in 2014
Sponsor: ?
Prizes: ?

Win Phone 2014 - Win Phone released in 2014
Sponsor: ?
Prizes: ?

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Top 21 Most Popular for December 2013

Looks I completely missed November numbers. Been a little tied up with the X1 data stuff. Here's the list:

1. Dancsi27 *
2. Stallion83 *
3. Streak Leader *
4. Kaens *
5. beastlybeasty *
6. Geems *
7. the dren *
8. smrnov *
9. Buckswana *
10. pTartTX *
11. ohjay08 *
12. Fshguy *
13. LausDomini *
14. futiles *
15. kingrich06 *
16. QuiCkz Ninja *
17. Cloud XTUK *
18. Boerke *
19. Wendig1630 *
20. MysticWeirdo *
21. Elem3ntal80 *