Friday, January 17, 2014

XBOX ONE data is now here in your blogs

After a long trek, the XBOX One data is in your blogs and should be in your game data, etc. now. Depending on when you read this, you may have seen blogs times 3, tracking this down and a a few other hitches along the way.

For today, it will show all of your activity since 11/22. After today, it should show your daily increases as usual. Also, it should be showing your App playing. Also, if you have Xbox ONE and it didn't pick you up, please let me know. I identified who had ONES a week or two ago, I still need to write a process to pick up up new people.

Of course with any new update, there's always a chance for bugs. Please post in the forums or my blog or and I will try to get to everything. That means a few more days before I start bringing in some more data.

As for Streaks, those might be another day or so, but please keep playing, they will be on shortly...