Monday, February 10, 2014

X1 Thanks... Streaks are in sync now, Viral 2014 is out now, more XBOX One to come

I've been negligent in thanking  Alan aka djekl over at the unofficial xbox api in all of his help in getting 360voice connected to XBOX One data. He taught me a lot about Curl and authentication and helped a lot with collaboration to get me up to speed. So thanks Alan.

After a few bumps on restarting the Streaks, I think everything is running correctly now. Please send an email to if there is a problem. As a reminder, we can not depend on XBOX One data for play streaks.

The Viral 2014 is now out in the wild. Join a challenge with somebody that has the viral and win and you should be awarded the badge. Everybody that earned the badge from the Mega challenge and everybody that has won a challenge with all of those people and so on and so forth should have the badge now. Enjoy.

Next up, I need to roll out the badge updates for the end of the year(2013 that is).

For XBOX One, I am creating a page that will show your minutes played for your XBOX One games(and or integrate into the games page) and another page to show your individual game stats.