Wednesday, September 18, 2013

End of an Era Challenge Oct 1st - Nov 22nd

This is going to be a large competition, at least that is my goal. 

This is a new style challenge so you can be in this with a "normal" challenge. 

The time is upon us, the Xbox 360 will become the "old" hardware and the Xbox One/Xbone/XB1 will be the new hotness. As a celebration for 8 years of service by the time the Xbox One releases. Oct 1st - Nov 22nd. Over 200 dollars in prizes !!

1st Place - Xbox One Game and Controller
2nd Place - Xbox One Game
3rd Place - Marketplace Credit/Points/Etc

All the prizes are provided 

I hope for well over 150 people in this challenge. 

Any game goes!! 

Cheaters will be removed swiftly by me
Any calling out of cheaters will be removed by me
40,000 Is the MIN Gamerscore to Join.  This is to keep boosting tags/second tags out of the contest. If you use a boosting tag and I catch you that tag will be removed from the contest. 

Please JOIN!!! 

Monday, September 2, 2013

Top 21 Most Popular for August 2013

Okay, who has been checking out Mango's blog? Guess I need to start giving out free stuff. Time to move into the Fall.

Only 60-90 days from now before the XB1 release. Going to create some interesting scenarios for badges in the upcoming year as people start migrating platforms.

1. Mightymango *
2. Stallion83 *
3. beastlybeasty *
4. the dren *
5. pTartTX *
6. smrnov *
7. Kaens *
8. Streak Leader *
9. Fshguy *
10. flyingmario5404 *
11. ohjay08 *
12. toddycst *
13. futiles *
14. FragEmAndSmile *
15. Darkest Lion *
16. SparkyMP *
17. Buckswana *
18. ROGUE 1992 *
19. Hotdogmcgee *
20. kingrich06 *
21. Mr pTart *