Monday, March 4, 2013

Glorious day for Polling Rewrite

Today is the day that I cut over the Polling rewrite. So if you were paying very close attention, at around 6:45am Eastern, the Blogs starting coming out. Now we can return to the old days where most of you can wake up in the morning and check your blog entries. This means that Challenges are updated earlier now too, more waiting around for the official update. Another positive is that all of the daily jobs won't be lapping the day, game stat updates and leaderboards will be around late afternoon.

No more waiting until noon or later when MS messes up data that we get(The old process would add another 4 hours on these bad days).

With any code update, please report in the forums or on my blog or if you experience issues.

Immediate improvements will be better data capture, no more missing games and updates to games which would happen to people that play near the cutoff sometimes. Updates to offline play will work better and those games will be captured.

People playing near the cutoff may still experience issues with streaks as they do now. I feel my processing  is better than the old process, but with how MS caches game data, there's no fool proof procedure. I have put logic in to handle it so people won't lose streaks, but that requires rewriting the blog process to take advantage of this.

Also coded in is better privacy ON detection, better handling of syncing up data after coming off privacy. It  needs more coding, but I would like to notify people when they turn on privacy, it happens enough that people don't realize that they've impacted their blogs by doing this. In line with this is detecting when people change their gamertag, working towards handling this and notifying users that they we stopped seeing them, did they change their tag(MS provides no way for us to find  you once the tag is changed). We need a better way for people to handle changing their tag without support getting in the way as well.

Upcoming, I will start working on the Blog process rewrite(it's taking 8-12 hours every day, it should be more like 2 or less). There is a thread in the forums for putting in suggestions for new phrases, we need new content for the blogs. I will be making it easier for us to update and add new phrases.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Top 21 Most Popular for February 2013

Short month, but got a friendly reminder to post this, so here goes:

1. Stallion83 *
2. D3ath 4pon u *
3. the dren *
4. smrnov *
5. Streak Leader *
6. QuiCkz Ninja *
7. Buckswana *
8. Boerke *
9. deadinside247 *
10. pTartTX *
11. dacoto *
12. Fshguy *
13. HorrorPastry *
15. Darkest Lion *
16. JB330 *
17. MysticWeirdo *
18. futiles *
19. SparkyMP *
20. Kaens *
21. CKinAL *