Tuesday, December 10, 2013

XBOX One and Stats Update - Now with game stats and minutes played

Check out the XBOX One Challenge: http://360voice.gamerdna.com/ccs/BeginXBOXOne.

If you scroll down, you can now see how many minutes everybody has played in each XBOX One game. Also, scroll further down, and now I have all of the stats for all of the XBOX One games in a leader board. Soon, everybody will be able to see where you stand in such stats as how many poops you've scooped in Zoo Tycoon!!!

Streaks and integrating games played back into the Blogs is a work in progress. Streaks are still on hold, I will adjust when they are live again.

Significant progress is being made and some new and fun stuff is coming.

Friday, November 22, 2013

XBOX ONE has arrived, kind of

XBOX One has arrived, but right now as most of you know, XBOX.COM is not showing the game data yet. As this goes, the feed is not containing the X1 game data as well. It does look like your gamer score is updating with this. My expectation is that they ran into issues updating XBOX.COM and will have it updated soon. Anybody with inside info, please let me know if you see/hear of anything.

Until this gets resolved, I'm freezing streaks. I will adjust the STREAKS accordingly when things come back online. All of the other platform data appears to be the same today as it was yesterday.

For the "Beginning of the Era Challenge", this will go on for now, once we start picking up data, then any scores you have already achieved will count, so keep playing.

Enjoy your new toys!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Beginning of an Era XBOX One Challenge

Join here:

I would like to make this as big as it can be with who can play(you will need an XBOX One to score). So, please cross post to other sites.

The time is upon us, the Xbox One/Xbone/XB1 will be the new kid on the block. As a celebration for for the Xbox One release. Nov 22nd - Jan 15th+. Over 200 dollars in prizes !! You may join now through December 1st, any score gained before joining will still count.

Any game that is on XBOX One counts, all score from X1 games will count. Please report to me or Mightymango if we miss a game.

Overtime/Tie Breakers: The person with the most Gamerscore scored on XBOX one will win. If there is a tie after Jan 15th, the competition will go into overtime. I will add 3 days to the competition and it repeat as necessary. Everybody in the contest will be eligible to still win in the overtime period.

1st Place - Xbox One Game and Controller
2nd Place - Xbox One Game
3rd Place - Marketplace Credit/Points/Etc

All the prizes are provided by...me.

This is a new style challenge so you can be in this with a "normal" challenge. (This includes Autochallenges/userchallenges/etc

Cheaters will be removed by me, this includes taking advantage of any exploits that might become available through the new platform. Offline play is discouraged.

Any calling out of cheaters will be removed by me, please let me know through Live/forum PM and I will handle it

No limit on Gamerscore, since this is a new Platform, there is no advantage/disadvantage since everybody starts out at zero Gamerscore achieved on XBOX One.

Also check the forums:

Sunday, November 3, 2013

New Blog Engine is Live!!!!!

Quick summary: Super fast blogs, easier to add new content, better streak handling = Happy Fish.

Tomorrow the new Blog Engine will be turned on. It was taking anywhere from 5.5 to 7 hours, depending on the day, to run the blogs. With the rewrite, it will now take about 5 minutes. A note, the Group blogs are still using an old process, so these are still taking 1-1.5 hours, so the daily "blog" status will still take a little longer.

Easier to update/add new content. The new process is table driven, so I can now insert new entries into a database. This also opens up the option to create an admin interface so I can turn over the maintenance to somebody else. Frankly, with the old process written in old ASP, I was scared to change anything but  minimal items because a mistake could break blogs. With C# .NET I can debug and make a full run in a couple minutes now which will make changes a more common occurrence.

Speaking of which, please submit your suggestions for new blog content in the forums or you may submit them to me directly.

Another important item is streak saving. The new process should pick up offline activity(there are games that just don't register right) and handle issues with playing near the cutoff. Please let me know if you see an issue by posting in the forums, sending an email to support@360voice.com or posting on my blog.

This, in combination with the polling rewrite, has been a much longer effort than I wanted it to be, but now that it is in place it will free me up to work on other pressing matters for the site.

BTW, I've made a couple improvements to the blogs already by separating the games played by platform. And expect to see some messaging in relation rolling up to the X1 launch.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

XBOX One Coming and Top 21 Most Popular for October 2013

Only a few more days until XBOX One launch! Just to let everybody know, everything should keep going  as it has been and we expect XBOX One games to feed through the same way Win Phone, Win 8, etc. have been working so far.

Looking at a couple more challenges coming up with the launch, how many points can you get in X1 games by the end of January? And time for another Megachallenge...

Check your blogs in the coming days for some more improvements.

OK, where did all of these people come from?

1. Dancsi27 *
2. Streak Leader *
3. Kaens *
4. D3ath 4pon u *
5. Stallion83 *
6. beastlybeasty *
7. the dren *
8. pTartTX *
9. morgothan *
10. Buckswana *
11. Geems *
12. smrnov *
13. kingrich06 *
14. MysticWeirdo *
15. QuiCkz Ninja *
16. toddycst *
17. Fshguy *
18. flyingmario5404 *
19. Capn Doug x360a *
20. Boerke *
21. Elem3ntal80 *

Thursday, October 24, 2013

New Blog Engine Beta

One other note. I've revived my work on the blog rewrite. Currently it takes roughly 5-6 hours to run the blogs(and it used to be longer before some DB work earlier this year). The new process is running in roughly 5-10 minutes and a couple more to load all of them into the database.

Please check out the Beta tab on your blog page, also there is a Top tab as well that has the Top blogs across the top blogs for the Beta if you want to see some more.

As of this writing, I've aimed for making the blog to be equal to the current text. My first improvement will be to make the games played list more platform and Regional aware. Maybe some special messages for those that play multiple platforms a day.

Speaking of which, this is a good time to ask for some more blog content, talented, dynamic writer, I am not. Please post your suggestions in the forums here. Planning to get some new content ready for the X1 release.

New Charts coming soon and new Watcher Leader board

Hello, I've been looking some stuff to freshen some things up. With the year long contests the charts are getting a "little" out of hand. Plus, flash is just not the way to go with SVG support in almost every browser now days. So soon, I'll be replacing all of the charts with something like below. If you listen to the Major Nelson Podcast you will know that e and Major Nelson have had a friendly rivalry over gamer score over the years. As you can see it's pretty close, and check out the live version here.

There's a new "Watcher" leader board, not sure why one was never put on here before. But if you want to see where you are, check it out under leader boards. Wondering if maybe "Follower" is a nicer word, but since we've had the feature years and years ahead of XBOX one, maybe I'll leave that the way it is. 

One other tweak, which I will switch back soon is the Top 21. Just for fun, I allowed the people that have their comments turned off show up. Interesting list. A even more interesting list is the Top 10 of all time, may just have to turn it on for fun. I expect I will end up zeroing out the people that got their scores reset and maybe a couple of the people that exploited the counts. 


Monday, October 14, 2013

Genre Update is complete

I've pushed through the changes to the genres, see below. Thanks to the Badge team for putting this together.


Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs from Platformer to Action/Adventure
Megamind from Platformer to Action/Adventure
Rango from Platformer to Action/Adventure
Shrek the 3rd from Platformer to Action/Adventure
Both Skylanders from Platformer to Action/Adventure
The Simpsons Game from Platformer Action/Adventure

Rise of the Guardians from Action/Adventure to Beat Em Up
Far Cry 3 from Modern Shooter to Shooter RPG
Shadows of the Damned from Action Shooter to Survival Horror

Test Drive Unlimited from Arcade Racer

Generator Rex: Agent of Providence
Phineas and Ferb: Quest for Cool Stuff
Remember Me

Arcade Racer:
WRC Powerslide

Beat Em Up:
D&D Chronicles of Mystara
Double Dragon Neon
Kung Fu High Impact

Card and Board:
Magic 2014

Classic Hack and Slash:
Dynasty Warriors 8

Dungeon Crawler:
Diablo III

Extreme Sports:
Turbo Super Stunt Squad

Victorious Time to Shine
Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked

Disney Infinity
Intel Discovered
Kinect Nat Geo DVD

Who Wants to be a Millionaire 2012

Rayman Legends

Grand Theft Auto V
Saints Row 4

Sci-Fi Shooter:
Men in Black: Alien Crisis

Madden 25
NCAA Football 14

Splinter Cell: Blacklist

Survival Horror:
State of Decay

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Top 21 Most Popular for September 2013

Guess what day it is? It's October 1st, time for a reset of the Top 21. Who are some of these people?

End of Era challenge is starting to roll. Be on the lookout for a couple more challenges we have in the works. Going to be a lot more activity coming up on the X1 release. Expecting things to be business as usual as far as the feeds go. We'll know more on 11/22 give or take.

1. Dancsi27 *
2. Stallion83 *
3. beastlybeasty *
4. Kaens *
5. the dren *
6. smrnov *
7. morgothan *
8. Streak Leader *
9. flyingmario5404 *
10. pTartTX *
11. QuiCkz Ninja *
12. MysticWeirdo *
13. Buckswana *
14. Fshguy *
15. futiles *
16. rastakilla 718 *
17. LausDomini *
18. DBZWii09 *
19. ohjay08 *
20. Mightymango *
21. kingrich06 *

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

End of an Era Challenge Oct 1st - Nov 22nd


This is going to be a large competition, at least that is my goal. 

This is a new style challenge so you can be in this with a "normal" challenge. 

The time is upon us, the Xbox 360 will become the "old" hardware and the Xbox One/Xbone/XB1 will be the new hotness. As a celebration for 8 years of service by the time the Xbox One releases. Oct 1st - Nov 22nd. Over 200 dollars in prizes !!

1st Place - Xbox One Game and Controller
2nd Place - Xbox One Game
3rd Place - Marketplace Credit/Points/Etc

All the prizes are provided by...me. 

I hope for well over 150 people in this challenge. 

Any game goes!! 

Cheaters will be removed swiftly by me
Any calling out of cheaters will be removed by me
40,000 Is the MIN Gamerscore to Join.  This is to keep boosting tags/second tags out of the contest. If you use a boosting tag and I catch you that tag will be removed from the contest. 

Please JOIN!!! 

Monday, September 2, 2013

Top 21 Most Popular for August 2013

Okay, who has been checking out Mango's blog? Guess I need to start giving out free stuff. Time to move into the Fall.

Only 60-90 days from now before the XB1 release. Going to create some interesting scenarios for badges in the upcoming year as people start migrating platforms.

1. Mightymango *
2. Stallion83 *
3. beastlybeasty *
4. the dren *
5. pTartTX *
6. smrnov *
7. Kaens *
8. Streak Leader *
9. Fshguy *
10. flyingmario5404 *
11. ohjay08 *
12. toddycst *
13. futiles *
14. FragEmAndSmile *
15. Darkest Lion *
16. SparkyMP *
17. Buckswana *
18. ROGUE 1992 *
19. Hotdogmcgee *
20. kingrich06 *
21. Mr pTart *

Friday, August 9, 2013

Top 21 Most Popular for July more or less 2013

July has past, I'm late, but the blog counts have been reset. Next month, well August, we get some new games. Waiting for Mango's fun contest for X1, probably only 90 days to launch...

1. Stallion83 *
2. the dren *
3. Streak Leader *
4. smrnov *
5. beastlybeasty *
6. pTartTX *
7. Mightymango *
8. Buckswana *
9. futiles *
10. kingrich06 *
11. Fshguy *
12. Kaens *
13. JB330 *
14. QuiCkz Ninja *
15. Elem3ntal80 *
16. flyingmario5404 *
17. Geems *
18. toddycst *
19. Hotdogmcgee *
20. Boerke *
21. SparkyMP *

Monday, July 29, 2013

Last Challenge of the Month for 2013

Here is the last Challenge of the Month for 2013!! 

It will run from August 1st through September 15th  


Of course there will be AMAZING PRIZES for the winner!!

Sign Up!!!  Remember you can be in this and your normal challenge as well.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Achievement Fest 2013

We have the World Record Attempts in full swing.  Check out the live blog at http://www.achievementfest.com/index.php/2013/07/2013-live-blog/ and you can see Pics, cause it happened, over in the 360voice Achievement Fest Forum at http://360voice.gamerdna.com/forum/forum.asp?FORUM_ID=33

Feel free to follow all day and all night.

Good luck to Mr pTart and AchieveFest2013

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Top 21 Most Popular for June 2013

Another month, it's July,  at least 9 or 10 of the cool people will be at Achievement Fest... Less than a week now... In any case... numbers are reset... Optimistic that July will be the month for some big moves in getting new features in... At least that evil Hack & Slash split will be in.... Curses...

1. Streak Leader *
2. Stallion83 *
3. the dren *
4. smrnov *
5. Boerke *
6. toddycst *
7. QuiCkz Ninja *
8. dacoto *
9. Buckswana *
10. Geems *
11. Fshguy *
12. futiles *
13. SparkyMP *
14. Ichya Paradise *
15. Hotdogmcgee *
16. ohjay08 *
17. Elem3ntal80 *
18. JB330 *
19. griffey95 *
20. flyingmario5404 *
21. FragEmAndSmile *

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Top 21 Most Popular for May 2013

New month, a new challenge, why haven't you joined yet? You'll need a few completions and 50k gamerscore under your belt, but who doesn't need a little extra motivation to get a few more completions. Check it out here: http://360voice.gamerdna.com/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=26545&whichpage=1

So, here's the list, so sad I'm below pTartTX...

1. Streak Leader *
2. Stallion83 *
3. Knuckles Dawson *
4. the dren *
5. smrnov *
6. Boerke *
7. pTartTX *
8. LAFTA *
9. Buckswana *
10. Elem3ntal80 *
11. futiles *
12. Fshguy *
13. ohjay08 *
14. dacoto *
15. Hotdogmcgee *
16. FragEmAndSmile *
17. morgothan *
18. senyek *
19. toddycst *
20. yodaboda *
21. SmokenRocket *

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Blogs 5/29

Blogs are delayed for today, I'm working on correcting the data. We didn't lose anything at least.

We got caught by a Microsoft Security update applied by our hosting provider. I thought everything was good this morning, but didn't realize blogs were not writing.

Should start seeing blogs around 2-3pm Eastern.

2:12pm Eastern: Blogs are running...

Friday, May 10, 2013

New Collections and New Update

Hey Everyone,

We got some good news and/or bad news depending on how you look at things. You may have noticed that you are missing a few badges today. Reason for that is that we have finally given collections an update. This one is smaller than in the past because I think we are finally catching up with all game releases.

Also I am pleased to announce that we have a brand new collection for you to go after. With all of the viral madness of late, we have decided to add a new Viral Collection. This collection features games where you have to play with or beat someone online that has a viral achievement.

You can find the update here in this thread

Enjoy everyone.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Reworking some Database data / Site Performance may be slow

Site performance, it's possible you may see slow downs or it might take a minute for your comments to post for the next couple days.

I'm rebuilding/denormalizing the table that tracks each gamertag for each day(which has more rows that blog since we don't write blogs for people that don't play for 30+ days). This table is up to 334 million rows and it takes up 60GB.

I hope to get the size down to under 20GB and better than that, it will be organized/indexed better. Mostly, this will improve results when you look at your gamerscore chart. I'm planning a secondary update to work on all of our charts, there's a lot of new stuff out now that will make these charts run a lot smoother. 

This may go on for 3 or 4 days, I'll keep you posted. It's taking 3 minutes a day and I'm scared to run this overnight. Good news is 500 days down(24 million rows), only 2100 days and 310 million rows to go. 

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Top 21 Most Popular for April 2013

"New" guy at the top! How about that.

So, bad sign when last post was last months, let me see if I can make something happen. I'd like to run some blog content related to speculation on what will be in the next xbox, so any ideas, email me through the forums, post on my blog, even comment here(I do have comments turned on for moderation since we usually get spam on the main blog here.)

1. Streak Leader *
2. Stallion83 *
3. the dren *
4. smrnov *
5. pTartTX *
6. senyek *
7. Boerke *
8. LAFTA *
9. ohjay08 *
10. futiles *
11. Buckswana *
13. Elem3ntal80 *
14. Fshguy *
15. dacoto *
16. SmokenRocket *
17. Kaens *
18. Hotdogmcgee *
19. lady death 13 *
20. FragEmAndSmile *
21, LausDomini *

Monday, April 1, 2013

Top 21 Most Popular for March 2013

No joke, these people got a lot of clicks in March. Who is that #1 tag? No accident that half the people here are the cool crowd that have been to AchievementFest.

1. D3ath 4pon u *
2. Stallion83 *
3. the dren *
4. Streak Leader *
5. smrnov *
6. ohjay08 *
7. Buckswana *
8. Boerke *
9. Ry Fryy *
10. dacoto *
11. CKinAL *
12. pTartTX *
13. Ichya Paradise *
14. Fshguy *
15. QuiCkz Ninja *
16. SparkyMP *
17. deadinside247 *
18. Hotdogmcgee *
19. futiles *
20. Darkest Lion *
21. Elem3ntal80 *

Monday, March 4, 2013

Glorious day for Polling Rewrite

Today is the day that I cut over the Polling rewrite. So if you were paying very close attention, at around 6:45am Eastern, the Blogs starting coming out. Now we can return to the old days where most of you can wake up in the morning and check your blog entries. This means that Challenges are updated earlier now too, more waiting around for the official update. Another positive is that all of the daily jobs won't be lapping the day, game stat updates and leaderboards will be around late afternoon.

No more waiting until noon or later when MS messes up data that we get(The old process would add another 4 hours on these bad days).

With any code update, please report in the forums or on my blog or support@360voice.com if you experience issues.

Immediate improvements will be better data capture, no more missing games and updates to games which would happen to people that play near the cutoff sometimes. Updates to offline play will work better and those games will be captured.

People playing near the cutoff may still experience issues with streaks as they do now. I feel my processing  is better than the old process, but with how MS caches game data, there's no fool proof procedure. I have put logic in to handle it so people won't lose streaks, but that requires rewriting the blog process to take advantage of this.

Also coded in is better privacy ON detection, better handling of syncing up data after coming off privacy. It  needs more coding, but I would like to notify people when they turn on privacy, it happens enough that people don't realize that they've impacted their blogs by doing this. In line with this is detecting when people change their gamertag, working towards handling this and notifying users that they we stopped seeing them, did they change their tag(MS provides no way for us to find  you once the tag is changed). We need a better way for people to handle changing their tag without support getting in the way as well.

Upcoming, I will start working on the Blog process rewrite(it's taking 8-12 hours every day, it should be more like 2 or less). There is a thread in the forums for putting in suggestions for new phrases, we need new content for the blogs. I will be making it easier for us to update and add new phrases.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Top 21 Most Popular for February 2013

Short month, but got a friendly reminder to post this, so here goes:

1. Stallion83 *
2. D3ath 4pon u *
3. the dren *
4. smrnov *
5. Streak Leader *
6. QuiCkz Ninja *
7. Buckswana *
8. Boerke *
9. deadinside247 *
10. pTartTX *
11. dacoto *
12. Fshguy *
13. HorrorPastry *
15. Darkest Lion *
16. JB330 *
17. MysticWeirdo *
18. futiles *
19. SparkyMP *
20. Kaens *
21. CKinAL *

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Support Issues the past month

Apologies to those that have not received support over the past month or so. We've corrected issue with the support email. support@360voice.com should be working correctly now which means you should get a response with a ticket number.

Thanks to MightyMango and Futiles for helping clear up the back log. If you still have an issue, please email again or drop a message in the support forum.

Sorry again for the delays. If you do not receive support after 3 or 4 days, please let me know.


Thursday, February 7, 2013

Top 21 Most Popular for January 2013

January is gone. Now for a really short month since I delayed getting this done.

1. Stallion83 *
2. the dren *
3. smrnov *
4. Streak Leader *
5. pTartTX *
6. Boerke *
8. QuiCkz Ninja *
9. futiles *
10. dacoto *
11. Buckswana *
12. Darkest Lion *
13. Fshguy *
14. FragEmAndSmile *
15. Mightymango *
16. SparkyMP *
17. Elem3ntal80 *
18. Hotdogmcgee *
19. Fragilesound *
20. CKinAL *
21. Kaens *

Monday, January 28, 2013

The 2013 Viral is out...

Congrats to TXMOOK for winning the latest 30 day Mega Challenge with a mere 21,514gs. With this win he also gets the latest 2013 viral badge. Also the rest of the top 5 will receive it: General Tynstar, ll W I K U ll, Darkthom and mikemnsn.

So, nobody has set up a challenge, so I respectfully will ask one of them to join my challenge and everybody else can have at it. I'll launch it Tuesday or Wednesday night assuming I get a taker.


Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Jan 1st Genre Update

Okay folks, we have ourselves quite a large update. I won't beat around the bush, so here we go:


Ben 10: Vilgax Attacks from Platformer to Action/Adventure
Ben 10: UA from Platformer to Action/Adventure
Blood Bowl from Strategy to Card and Board
Culdecept Saga from Strategy to Card and Board
Dust: An Elysian Tail from Action/Adventure to Action RPG
Fez from Platformer to Puzzle
Islands of Wakfu from Action RPG to Action/Adventure
Panzer General from Strategy to Card and Board
SVC Alex Kidd from Platformer to Oddball


All Pro Football 2k8 from Sports
Apples to Apples from Card and Board
FIFA 11 from Sports
Happy Action Theater from Party
MLB 2K9 from Sports
NBA Jam (Retail version) from Sports
NBA Live 10 from Sports
NHL 11 from Sports
Roogoo from Puzzle
SROA from Race

Voltron from TV Collection


Ben 10 Omniverse
Disney Pixar Brave
Epic Mickey 2
Rise of the Guardians
Zone of the Enders Collection HD


LEGO Lord of the Rings

Dungeon Crawler:

Realms of Ancient War (RAW)

Extreme Sports:

Dirt Showdown


Dead or Alive 5
Dragonball Z Budokai HD
Fighting Vipers
Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus
MvC Origins
Sonic the Fighters
Tekken Tag Tournament 2
Virtua Fighter 2


Nike+ Kinect Training

Hack and Slash:

Knights Contract


Dance Central 3
Just Dance 4
Just Dance Disney Party
Nickelodeon Dance 2
Rhythm Party

Modern Shooter:

007 Legends
Counter Strike GO
Far Cry 3
Medal of Honor: Warfighter


SVC Toe Jam and Earl


Wheel of Fortune


Hell Yeah! Ware Rabbit
Joe Danger 2: The Movie
Skylanders Giants
Sonic Adventure 2
Wipeout 3

Point and Click:

The Testament of Sherlock Holmes


Angry Birds Trilogy
Lode Runner
Tower Bloxx Deluxe


Forza Horizon
Nascar: Inside Line
Need for Speed Most Wanted
Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed


Choplifter HD
Frogger Hyper Arcade
Midway Arcade Origins

Sci-Fi Shooter:

Doom 3 BFG
Serious Sam 3 BFE


Home Run Stars
NBA 2K13
NHL 13


Hitman Absolution
Mark of the Ninja
Naughty Bear PiP


History Channel: Legends of War - Patton
Iron Brigade
Port Royale 3
XCOM Enemy Unknown

Survival Horror:

Resident Evil 6

Top Gun:

Damage Inc. Pacific Squadron WWII
Dogfight 1942


WWE 13

Genres Updated today

Pending Wolfwood getting out the official post.

Top 21 Most Popular for December 2012

It's a new year. Lots of visits but we need more. Happy new year and happy clicking.

1. Stallion83 *
2. the dren *
3. Streak Leader *
4. smrnov *
5. D3ath 4pon u *
6. dacoto *
7. Boerke *
8. Cloud XTUK *
9. Fshguy *
10. pTartTX *
11. QuiCkz Ninja *
12. Mightymango *
13. Buckswana *
14. Darkest Lion *
15. Hotdogmcgee *
16. toddycst *
17. futiles *
18. CKinAL *
19. SparkyMP *
20. Junkdewd *
21. FragEmAndSmile *