Thursday, October 24, 2013

New Charts coming soon and new Watcher Leader board

Hello, I've been looking some stuff to freshen some things up. With the year long contests the charts are getting a "little" out of hand. Plus, flash is just not the way to go with SVG support in almost every browser now days. So soon, I'll be replacing all of the charts with something like below. If you listen to the Major Nelson Podcast you will know that e and Major Nelson have had a friendly rivalry over gamer score over the years. As you can see it's pretty close, and check out the live version here.

There's a new "Watcher" leader board, not sure why one was never put on here before. But if you want to see where you are, check it out under leader boards. Wondering if maybe "Follower" is a nicer word, but since we've had the feature years and years ahead of XBOX one, maybe I'll leave that the way it is. 

One other tweak, which I will switch back soon is the Top 21. Just for fun, I allowed the people that have their comments turned off show up. Interesting list. A even more interesting list is the Top 10 of all time, may just have to turn it on for fun. I expect I will end up zeroing out the people that got their scores reset and maybe a couple of the people that exploited the counts. 


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