Friday, November 22, 2013

XBOX ONE has arrived, kind of

XBOX One has arrived, but right now as most of you know, XBOX.COM is not showing the game data yet. As this goes, the feed is not containing the X1 game data as well. It does look like your gamer score is updating with this. My expectation is that they ran into issues updating XBOX.COM and will have it updated soon. Anybody with inside info, please let me know if you see/hear of anything.

Until this gets resolved, I'm freezing streaks. I will adjust the STREAKS accordingly when things come back online. All of the other platform data appears to be the same today as it was yesterday.

For the "Beginning of the Era Challenge", this will go on for now, once we start picking up data, then any scores you have already achieved will count, so keep playing.

Enjoy your new toys!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Beginning of an Era XBOX One Challenge

Join here:

I would like to make this as big as it can be with who can play(you will need an XBOX One to score). So, please cross post to other sites.

The time is upon us, the Xbox One/Xbone/XB1 will be the new kid on the block. As a celebration for for the Xbox One release. Nov 22nd - Jan 15th+. Over 200 dollars in prizes !! You may join now through December 1st, any score gained before joining will still count.

Any game that is on XBOX One counts, all score from X1 games will count. Please report to me or Mightymango if we miss a game.

Overtime/Tie Breakers: The person with the most Gamerscore scored on XBOX one will win. If there is a tie after Jan 15th, the competition will go into overtime. I will add 3 days to the competition and it repeat as necessary. Everybody in the contest will be eligible to still win in the overtime period.

1st Place - Xbox One Game and Controller
2nd Place - Xbox One Game
3rd Place - Marketplace Credit/Points/Etc

All the prizes are provided

This is a new style challenge so you can be in this with a "normal" challenge. (This includes Autochallenges/userchallenges/etc

Cheaters will be removed by me, this includes taking advantage of any exploits that might become available through the new platform. Offline play is discouraged.

Any calling out of cheaters will be removed by me, please let me know through Live/forum PM and I will handle it

No limit on Gamerscore, since this is a new Platform, there is no advantage/disadvantage since everybody starts out at zero Gamerscore achieved on XBOX One.

Also check the forums:

Sunday, November 3, 2013

New Blog Engine is Live!!!!!

Quick summary: Super fast blogs, easier to add new content, better streak handling = Happy Fish.

Tomorrow the new Blog Engine will be turned on. It was taking anywhere from 5.5 to 7 hours, depending on the day, to run the blogs. With the rewrite, it will now take about 5 minutes. A note, the Group blogs are still using an old process, so these are still taking 1-1.5 hours, so the daily "blog" status will still take a little longer.

Easier to update/add new content. The new process is table driven, so I can now insert new entries into a database. This also opens up the option to create an admin interface so I can turn over the maintenance to somebody else. Frankly, with the old process written in old ASP, I was scared to change anything but  minimal items because a mistake could break blogs. With C# .NET I can debug and make a full run in a couple minutes now which will make changes a more common occurrence.

Speaking of which, please submit your suggestions for new blog content in the forums or you may submit them to me directly.

Another important item is streak saving. The new process should pick up offline activity(there are games that just don't register right) and handle issues with playing near the cutoff. Please let me know if you see an issue by posting in the forums, sending an email to or posting on my blog.

This, in combination with the polling rewrite, has been a much longer effort than I wanted it to be, but now that it is in place it will free me up to work on other pressing matters for the site.

BTW, I've made a couple improvements to the blogs already by separating the games played by platform. And expect to see some messaging in relation rolling up to the X1 launch.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

XBOX One Coming and Top 21 Most Popular for October 2013

Only a few more days until XBOX One launch! Just to let everybody know, everything should keep going  as it has been and we expect XBOX One games to feed through the same way Win Phone, Win 8, etc. have been working so far.

Looking at a couple more challenges coming up with the launch, how many points can you get in X1 games by the end of January? And time for another Megachallenge...

Check your blogs in the coming days for some more improvements.

OK, where did all of these people come from?

1. Dancsi27 *
2. Streak Leader *
3. Kaens *
4. D3ath 4pon u *
5. Stallion83 *
6. beastlybeasty *
7. the dren *
8. pTartTX *
9. morgothan *
10. Buckswana *
11. Geems *
12. smrnov *
13. kingrich06 *
14. MysticWeirdo *
15. QuiCkz Ninja *
16. toddycst *
17. Fshguy *
18. flyingmario5404 *
19. Capn Doug x360a *
20. Boerke *
21. Elem3ntal80 *