Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas Vacation Mega Challenge 2011 Viral Event

We are just five days away from the next Mega Challenge. As of right now we have just 116 people signed up. I will be launching the challenge on the 19th with the first day of scoring being the 20th. If you haven't signed up yet you are quickly running out of time. Please register and ask your friends to come join in on the fun

Title: Christmas Vacation Mega Challenge 2011 Viral Event

Winner's Rewards: Bragging Rights and the Top 5 Get first access to the 2012 Viral Badge.

Duration: 30 Days
Send this URL to friends so they can join:
What: Official 360voice Mega Challenge 2011
When : Lauching night of December 19th, 12-19-11
Who: Everybody, but....
Games: All AllowedScoring: Please score all points online, offline points are always a sticking point so please don't
Who Not: People under 10K gamerscore, second account, new 360voice before 10/1/11 (This is a case by case basis if you have a long established xbox live account)
Why: To have fun and try to be the first with the 2012 Viral Badge

Thanks and good luck to all!

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