Thursday, July 26, 2012

5-Star Badges are Here

After much delay and some anticipation, 5-Star badges are here. This means there will be 5 levels of genre badges to pursuit. The percentages from 1-5 are 20/40/60/75/90.  The Badge Calculator has been updated and badge scores should fall in line soon. The genres are being recalculated currently.

A special thanks goes out to JB330 for producing all of the artwork for the update. Also thanks goes to WolfWood37Roku750mightymango and futiles for all of their work vetting out the new graphics and updating the new genre descriptions and "sayings"

I will be working on refining the badge score system too to better align badges in difficulty to get.

Note: Looks like the Badge Score app is down, I will work on getting this back later today.

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