Sunday, December 30, 2012

Get your 2013 Challenges Now!!!!

There's a whole slate of 2013 challenges coming up, you need to sign up now.

XBLA 2013 (XBOX Live Arcade games released in 2013) by StingX2

January 10th cutoff.
Join Here:

Ironman 2013 (Score as many points as possible, no limitations for 2013) by FragEmAndSmile
I like to see how people score throughout the year, so just join for fun to watch your friends.

Please post here:

And Join here:

Win Phone Challenge 2013 (2013 phone releases only) by FragEmAndSmile

Join here:

Win8 Challenge 2013 (2013 win8 releases only) by FragEmAndSmile

Join here:

And a  Monthly challenge for January...

January Genre of the Month Hack N Slash by MightyMango

Love this genre, want to score a lot of points in January and boost that badge and get a new game...
Join here:January Genre of the Month

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