Thursday, June 12, 2014

The Next Chapter in the 360voice Story :AKA Site is DEAD not being updated anymore. Thanks for the fish.

Hello all. It's been a great time playing around with you here at 360voice. So, if you haven't heard from Mango's post, Livegamer has decided to stop engaging Ryan and myself to support the site. I do believe they intend to still pay for the hosting, so the site itself will go on probably until the database runs out of space.

I will probably monitor the site for an undetermined amount of time, but I would at least like to see that the year long challenges go through for the generous people that have been supporting those challenges. 360 voice has been a passion of mine since I first build the badge calculator 8 years ago so I could maintain my genre badges. I'm sad to be moving on.

I will probably look around and see if there are any other sites XBOX related that could use my services. I do enjoy creating and coding and use it as an excuse to maintain some level of coding skill and learning and contributing to a community. If I had any certainty that Livegamer would continue hosting the site for any period of time I would even stay here.

Thanks again,


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